Find business opportunities
using Job Boards.

Airsignal collects intent data for you about tool stack needs & hirings using job boards.
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Prospecting without Hyper-Relevance
doesn't work anymore!

Only 25% of B2B companies use intent data,
but it’s one of the most powerful ways to grow your pipeline of qualified leads.

Getting New Opportunities the Old Way vs Using Airsignal.

Creating business opportunities – the old way

Creating business opportunities – with Airsignal

Identify high-potential B2B companies

using Zoom. hiring a developer. hiring sales and using Hubspot. hiring a marketer. using Slack. hiring designer. hiring a remote copywriter. using Figma. hiring more than 10 developers in Paris
Set up your buy signals
Select companies to target
Find high-potential prospects

Reveal prospect contact information

Contact them by e-email, Linkedin, or by phone with ultra-personalized messages.

Choose a job title to target
Define the prospect's location
Export contact information


Empower every team with intent data for businesses


Make strategic decisions based on data. Our algorithm analyzes millions of job postings to find insights. Airsignal is the missing piece in your ABM puzzle. 


Look for prospects who really need you. Talk to them at the right time, under  the right context. Airsignal is the most effective way to grow your Pipeline.


Job boards are the best way to analyze markets.
They allow you to take the pulse of the markets. We help you make the right decisions.

Don't trust our word, trust theirs...

We are trusted by MarketerS, Sales, Executive 3.0.

Wladimir Delcros
Wladimir DelcrosHead of Growth @ CodinGame
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I needed to target companies that were hiring developers! No more scraper that doesn't scale, my leadgen is on autopilot!
Larbi Jirari
Larbi JirariTech Lead @ Altran
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The perfect tool to target companies that use Jira, I needed this information for my previous company I found it in 3 clicks
Léana Ponza
Léana PonzaSDR @ Chilipiper
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I am SDR and this tool has changed my life! I saw my conversion rates multiply x2! It is an excellent icebreaker!
Sophie Ripol
Sophie RipolHunter @ Kador
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We can't do without Airsignal in the agency, it's integrated in all our processes. When we have a new candidate we look for the best company with Airsignal.

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Actionable tactics to grab your prospects’ attention and drive scalable revenue.

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Account based sales (ABS) is a sales strategy where the account executive (AE) or account manager (AM) focuses on selling to a defined account list,

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